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February 21, 2011



On Monday at the doctor's office I discovered that I weigh more now than I have in my whole life. It's not like I weigh that much, but it's still MORE. I should have read your post before I went and then asked them not to tell me.


Your insights, conclusions and fervor for life are infectious. Whether observing and dissecting our locality or destinations abroad, I look forward to every update. Your writing has become both informative, introspective and inspirational. I wish you continued success. You are a true ambassador for this city and all it's creative elements. Columbus needs you and others just as brilliant and vibrant. Shine on!


As a personal trainer who has suffered (and "recovered" -whatever the hell that looks like!) ;) from ED for over 22 years, your blog was insightful, honest and motivating. I own and operate 2 studios that focus on women's health, wellness and body image. Often I feel like I'm a little fish swimming against a very large stream! In my gym, I do not weigh, measure or "pinch" my girls. As you mentioned, their self worth should not be derived from those numbers. Instead we measure numbers that really matter: how many push ups, pull ups or jump ropes they can do. As we are in NEDAW (Nat'l ED Awareness Week) I think it's so important for each of us to remember what beautiful looks AND feels like. And it's different for each of us! I invite you to check out my "blog/website" this month to see what I think it means to be beautiful. www.power4me.com Thank you for sharing such an invaluable lesson that ALL women and girls need to hear over and over and over again! It gives me hope to know there's another voice out there reminding women they are worth more than just a number on the scale, an image in the mirror or an age. Have a blessed day!

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